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What Is The Cardboard Pallet?

Cardboard Pallet engineered strong yet weighing up to 70% less than wood. The result - a safer workplace, less weight when shipping so reducing freight costs and therefore reduced delivery costs to destinations. Corrugated Cardboard Pallets are a great solution for reducing costs and being environmentally conscious. In today's world more and more companies are going green, looking for solutions that are environmentally friendly and reducing pollution while saving money.

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Why Switch to The Cardboard Pallet?

More economical than wood or plastic!
Easy to store, easy to dispose of & no pallet tracking needed!
Reducing solid waste contribution and disposal costs.
Strong enough to replace your wooden & plastic pallets.
Meets international export regulations. No chemical sprays or treatments required - saving time and money.
No wood, nails or chemicals. Easily meets HACCP requirements.
Up to 70% lighter than wood. Easier to handle, lighter to ship, great for airfreight and weight calculated freights. Safe and easy to handle for you and your customer and easy to dispose.
Cardboard Pallets are Recyclable Cardboard Pallet Meets ISO Requirements
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
Support the 3R-concept of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
Good Manufacturing Practice Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Card Board Pallets meet national requirements.